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David The Daredevil


I can still picture exactly what I was doing and remember how I felt when I heard the squeal of the car’s brakes and my Mother’s horrified scream. It was the summer between my brother’s third and fourth birthdays, and he had just been hit by a car.David was a normal, rambunctious boy. He got into things, no matter how many times you tried to stop him. He never believed it when you told him something was dangerous and he could get hurt. He questioned every rule and defied every order. I’m told many little boys are like that. It’s just we weren’t prepared.My parents were only 18 and 19 when I was born, and I was an only child for fourteen years. They took my childhood in stride. They gave orders, I followed them. If I goofed up, there was spanking, scolding, and worst of all Continue reading David The Daredevil