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The Exploits Of David – Part 2

Anyone who has been part of a family with more than one child can attest to the fact that the younger children often reach adulthood due to the benevolence of the older ones. Of course, if you personally happen to be a younger birth-order child, you might not agree with me. But I know older siblings will see it my way.
My baby brother, who is definitely no longer a baby, owes me his life. I was an only child for so long I had grown to accept it as my lot in life. While I sometimes wished for a sister to play with, and to stand with me against the tide of adult family members, I realizedĀ there were many advantages to my only child status. By the time I was thirteen years old, I no longer gave it a thought, and I was well entrenched in my identity as the “only” one. Then one drizzly, gray February morning I was home from school becauseĀ I had a cold. I was sitting at the breakfast table with my mother after my father had gone to work. I was trying to eat my oatmeal and feeling generally “yucky”. My mother got it into her head to cheer me up, so she said, “Well, I have something to tell you that will make you feel better. You are going to get a baby brother Continue reading The Exploits Of David – Part 2