Monthly Archives: March 2012

Yucky Weather


I don’t enjoy bad weather. That’s not unusual, I suppose, although I do know people who get all charged up about thunder and lightning. (Yes, Paula, I mean you!)

But I don’t think anyone in Albuquerque today could be said to have enjoyed the rotten wind, blowing sand, and distribution of pollen we’ve endured. There are multiple power outages all over the area, and things are blowing off roofs, trees are being stripped of their new blossoms, and high-profile vehicles are having the devil of a time on the freeways.

We had a beautiful day yesterday. It was sunny, shirtsleeve weather, and the azure blue skies of New Mexico were on display for all to see. We have lots of folks in town this week for this big deal Continue reading Yucky Weather

Don’t Waste An Opportunity

Have you ever considered writing your life story? I don’t necessarily mean for sale and publication, although there are many people doing just that these days. I’m thinking more of what the process might mean to family after you’re gone.

A dear friend of mine volunteers for a hospice group, and one of her duties is recording life stories for hospice patients. These people have reached the point in their lives when they know their time on earth is limited. Often they may have only a matter of days or even hours Continue reading Don’t Waste An Opportunity

Whatever Happened To Self Preservation?

When I was little, my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles impressed upon me at every opportunity that I must “be careful.” This included (but was not limited to) looking both ways before I crossed the street. They assured me that in a head-on battle with an automobile, I was guaranteed to lose, with the only question being, “How bad?”

Skip ahead to current times and take a walk through any parking lot. Better yet, drive through one, and you’ll notice no one looks both ways before stepping into the path of an automobile these days. In fact, most people make a deliberate effort to completely ignore traffic. It’s as though they believe Continue reading Whatever Happened To Self Preservation?