Yucky Weather


I don’t enjoy bad weather. That’s not unusual, I suppose, although I do know people who get all charged up about thunder and lightning. (Yes, Paula, I mean you!)

But I don’t think anyone in Albuquerque today could be said to have enjoyed the rotten wind, blowing sand, and distribution of pollen we’ve endured. There are multiple power outages all over the area, and things are blowing off roofs, trees are being stripped of their new blossoms, and high-profile vehicles are having the devil of a time on the freeways.

We had a beautiful day yesterday. It was sunny, shirtsleeve weather, and the azure blue skies of New Mexico were on display for all to see. We have lots of folks in town this week for this big deal basketball thing at the University of New Mexico basketball arena. I hope they all went home before today because they won’t be giving us a good mark for a tourism destination if they stayed around for this.

Our weather here in the Land of Enchantment is outstanding most of the time. We have sun shiny days all year long, and a temperate climate…until it isn’t. For example, I’m not aware of any rain falling here today, but looking at my windows, it look as though it’s rained mud! The dirt has stuck and run down the windows in an ugly pattern that must be dealt with soon. If tomorrow is better than today (and I’m praying it is!) I’ll venture outside and see if perhaps the windows simply need a good dusting. That I can handle.

Let’s face it. We are ready for spring. The thing is, we always seem to forget that the first sign of spring is the wind, the blowing sand, and the seesawing temperatures. In a few weeks it will find it’s niche and settle in for a lovely, mild spring, with flowers blooming and warm, welcoming days.

It’s just hard to see that possibility today!

4 thoughts on “Yucky Weather”

  1. I like your format! And I am one who usually loves “bad” weather – love the clouds, rain, snow, thunder – but I don’t like the wind! I’m glad it seems to have stopped!

  2. Yes, Sunday was a monster day! When we got back home, the power had finally been restored. It looks like it was out almost 5 hours total.
    One of my co-workers who lives on the east side of the Sandia Mountains, said his power went off around 4pm and it’s still off today! They are not expecting it back up until late this afternoon. I believe that in spite of today’s chilly temeratures, Spring has sprung!

  3. Well, what happened? I don’t seem to be getting alerts when you post. I’m going to have to go into manage and see if they are going to my old email address. I have to agree with S. Baker–I love all weather, but hate being out in the wind. Have to say, though, humidity and heat sort of does me in even if I’m having fun out there. Love your new look here.

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