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If You Can’t Breathe, What Are Your Options?

Not many, really. When your oxygen supply is cut off panic sets in. Then, depending on what’s preventing you from taking a breath of air, you consider what you can do to change things.

When little kids want to punish their parents, they sometimes hold their breath. Fortunately most parents know that the little buggers will eventually let go and breathe on their own. ┬áMost children don’t try that tactic after they figure out that, 1) it’s uncomfortable, and 2) they really can’t keep it up long enough to make it an effective tool of persuasion.

But what if you develop a condition that causes you to occasionally be unable to get the air you need. What if this condition Continue reading If You Can’t Breathe, What Are Your Options?

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Well, in this case, they are free!

Every family needs a good dog, don’t they? That’s what I’ve heard anyway. I’ve had a few dogs in my day and loved every one of them madly. Had better luck with some than with others. These days, we aren’t set up in our location to house a dog, much to my dismay.

My son-in-law’s brother has a beautiful female Border Collie cross who, it seems keeps getting herself in the family way. Last year, two of the babies came home with Paula and Danny. Those precious babies are now a year old, and weigh 65 and 55 pounds respectively. I had the opportunity to help Paula walk them last weekend. I learned something very important: Even the 55 pound female can drag me wherever Continue reading How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?