How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Well, in this case, they are free!

Every family needs a good dog, don’t they? That’s what I’ve heard anyway. I’ve had a few dogs in my day and loved every one of them madly. Had better luck with some than with others. These days, we aren’t set up in our location to house a dog, much to my dismay.

My son-in-law’s brother has a beautiful female Border Collie cross who, it seems keeps getting herself in the family way. Last year, two of the babies came home with Paula and Danny. Those precious babies are now a year old, and weigh 65 and 55 pounds respectively. I had the opportunity to help Paula walk them last weekend. I learned something very important: Even the 55 pound female can drag me wherever she wants if she decides to! I always wanted a big dog. I had a boxer when I was 15 and he was a pretty cool dog. Well, I’m not 15 any more, and I would have to go through a weight training course to manage one of these sweethearts now!

This year, Oreo did it again…another litter of pups! Danny was there this weekend, and volunteered to bring the last three home with him. Paula is now caring for new puppies again, and really, REALLY needs to find homes for them. They are now two months old…an ideal age to be adopted. They are three little females, and the accompanying photo shows the one with the most brown markings on her sweet little body.

How about it, folks? Anybody out there in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area in the market for a puppy? If you are, please leave a comment here, and a way for Paula to contact you. I know she would appreciate finding someone who will love them and give them a good home. I can testify, it’s really great exercise!!!

6 thoughts on “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?”

  1. Yes PLEASE…
    These three sweet little girls need a home. They are 2 weeks old, 1/2 Boxer & about 1/2 Border Collie… although that Border Collie half, we suspect is part Austrailian Shepherd. At any rate… 100% sweet!!
    So YES… Please Let us know!
    Thanks Mom!

  2. Great blog and terrific pups! I’m not in the market myself right now – too much travel coming up – but I’ll check with my friends!

  3. There is a small typo in Paula’s heartfelt endorsement of this post. The pups are really TWO MONTHS old, not two weeks! I think she got excited because she didn’t get much sleep last night!!!

  4. Aw, heck–you know how difficult it is for me to resist a furry face. I think they’re all sweet–even huge dogs. Here I am with my own three rescue dogs as full-fledged family members and some big travel plans coming up– Well, you get the message. 🙁 Pat, we always had boxers when I was growing up. I didn’t know you had one too. (Psss–I think Oreo is a candidate for a trip to a spay/neuter clinic.)
    Love your new website. How on earth do you find time to post and keep up with your writing too? I’m so behind!

    1. Well, the secret to that, Charlene, is that I haven’t written a thing on the second book since before Christmas!! I’ll back to it very soon, though. I understand about not adding more dogs. Appreciate the kind words!!

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