Three Women and a Conference: The Initiation of a New Author

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday starts the week of initiation. I’m frantically preparing for a five-day stay in Colorado Springs for Left Coast Crime 2013. This conference will mark my debut in the world of authors, and for the first time, my book and I will be introduced to attendees. I’ve been waiting for this occasion for so long it’s difficult to realize it’s almost here.

I’m driving up with two dear friends from my writer’s critique group. We’re called The Marvelous Ones and for good reason. These women really are marvelous ones to have as friends and do critiques of your work. I wish our entire group could go right along with us. But Margaret and Charlene will be good representatives for the team. They’ve promised to sit at my table at the New Author’s Breakfast on Friday morning and be my fans. I hope others will join them there!

After that, we will have another three days of panels to attend. Published authors will share their wisdom and experiences on such topics as: “The Lighter Side of Death & Dismemberment”; “Read My Shorts”; “You Don’t Have To Be A Lawyer To Kill Like One”; and the two I’ve been invited to be a panelist for, “Occupations To Die For” and “Breaking & Entering: Tales of the First Sale.”

It’s a great opportunity to meet new writers and mystery fans, learn new skills, and for me, begin to feel like a real writer. (I’ve already experienced a taste of that feeling when friends who’ve already bought the book give me feedback. That is a real thrill.) Then  Sunday afternoon, we pack up and make the drive home. With three of us all trying to talk at once about our wonderful weekend, it should be an entertaining seven hours!

On Easter Sunday, I’m having my first “official” book signing at Treasure House Books and Gifts in Old Town Albuquerque. I can’t thank John Hoffsis and his dad, Jim, enough for being so supportive, not only to me but to all the other local writers. I’ll be there from 1:00 to 3:00 that day, handing out candy-filled Easter eggs and signing books. That morning at 9:00 a.m. I’ll be a guest on the Terrie Q. Sayre Show on 770 AM, KKOB Radio. Terrie has been very kind to let me and my fellow ham radio operators appear on her show for the past three years to promote the annual ARRL Field Day activities. Now I get to tell her and her audience about The Easter Egg Murder.

I’ve already gone through almost thirty of the books I ordered from the publisher. I’m also taking thirty to Left Coast Crime to be sold in their bookstore. We’ll see how many I have left after that. I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m complaining because I’m not! This is so exciting and dream-fulfilling. It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that it’s no longer something living in my imagination! It’s here and now, and it’s real! Wahoo!!! Bring it on!!

5 thoughts on “Three Women and a Conference: The Initiation of a New Author”

  1. Oh–Pat, we’re all so excited right along with you. All I can say is this conference will be unlike any others I’ve ever attended. And if they like this book, just wait until they read your next. Even though you’ve only shared the first few chapters–it’s going to be another winner!

  2. All of us “Marvelous Ones” will be there with you in spirit, and will be cheering you on! You deserve every minute of fun and excitement that this conference has to offer, and you will have the two best members of the team with you on the trip. Have fun – and make lots of great memories!

  3. SO Exciting! Have fun at the conference and enjoy your new stardom! You have certainly earned it! Every time I think of you being there and experiencing all that will be happening, I get another ear-to-ear grin going. I’m SO proud of you… go get ’em tiger!
    Love you,

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