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Cleaning up cluttered surfaces is hard work. It’s not so much physical as mental.


I see articles, emails, or programs from something I attended. Do I really need to keep them? Why don’t I just toss them when I come in the door from the event. Good questions.

I pick up something out of a stack of “stuff” and look at it. What am I supposed to do with it? It occurs to me if I’d known what to do with it at the time I put it on top of the pile, I could have put it there instead of the pile. But seriously. I don’t always have any ideas about where to stash an ever-growing number of “things” which have found their way into my life.

I’m making another stab at clearing my desk and work area. This is an ongoing thing on my to-do list. Why? Because when I do finally get it all cleaned up and things put away or trashed, life brings me more “stuff” to entice me. So here’s a gem I found today:

Things Writers Google

  • Last name ideas
  • What’s the real word for that thingie thing
  • How much blood can a person lose without dying
  • Where do commas go?
  • Types of croissants
  • Am I sleep deprived or is it ok to see the void physically manifesting?

I obviously thought I might need this as some point. Maybe I just saw my own brain at work in that list. It made me wonder if other people spend their time thinking about such things? Does is brand them mentally suspect?

Oh, I hope not! Because now that I’ve included this wry wisdom into a post, I can trash one more piece of paper!

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