Other Than That, Mrs. Lincoln . . .

Other Than That, Mrs. Lincoln, Did You Enjoy The Play?

I am, for the most part, an upbeat person. I don’t get hysterical–well maybe just a little when I see a spider or a creepy, crawly, bug–but I’m pretty even-tempered. Sure I have some down days, but usually I’m a happy camper. If you’ll refer to one of my past posts, Sometimes Dreams Come True you’ll see I was a VERY happy camper back in September 2012 when I received the official offer of a contract from my publisher. There followed months of exciting preparation, editing, and planning, and the book came off the press on February 14, 2013. I was on my way. 

But you have to watch out for Monday mornings. The Carpenters had a hit song out in about 1967 called “Rainy Days and Mondays” and the short version was “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” That hasn’t been true for me too often in the past few years, but I had one just last month when I learned on Monday morning that a dear friend had died. And then, today, on this Monday morning, I learned my publishing company is suspending operations.

So what does this mean, you ask? Well for starters, I have to find a new publisher. While my book, The Easter Egg Murder, will continue to be sold through the book distributor, Ingram, my next book in the series, Murder For Breakfast, no longer has a home. With the publisher suspending operations, they won’t be back to publish more books unless, as they say, “our hope is that one of our current books will ‘go viral’ and allow us to restart operations.”

I would love to be the writer whose book is the one to “go viral” and save the publishing company. But realistically, unless all of you out there on the internet mount a campaign to make The Easter Egg Murder a bestseller, I don’t see how it will happen.

So I’m taking a deep breath, straightening my posture, and getting to work. I have to finish Murder For Breakfast before I can approach another publisher. Perhaps I’ll even try to get an agent to represent me. It would be nice to have someone else deal with all the issues connected with getting a book published.

So other than that, how did I enjoy this Monday? I’m doing just fine, thank you. Tonight we take our daughter and son-in-law out to dinner for his birthday. We plan to celebrate big time!