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6 thoughts on “Contact Me!”

  1. Dr Douglas Meints

    I would love to send you a copy of my ebook on brainwave dysregulation. If you’d email me I will respond in kind with that attachment

    Yours, Doug Meints, DC

  2. Hi Pat. Caught your site info at end on net today. Arrived here with the best of my books, 27 typewriters, two cats and of course xyl Judy kb2uzc , some rigs we plan to be at hamfest ,mostly tailgate as I need who knows what to go beyond hts. We’re at rising star last pm. Missed the rain,
    have been writing for ??? And haven’t got it where I want it yet… But I do have lots of magic pencils, papers pens, bottles of magic ink… Worked in grants. Mine geologist in 68 then Hobbs oil well wireline engineer and had to go back east. $$$ been out on vacations, finally got opportunity, And drove the whole2000 mi with navigator and cats in 8. Days we are thrilled to actually pull it off see you at ham fest. Just being here is aPrize for us. 73. Lenny wb2gfn, Judy. Kb2uzc kadner

  3. Jeremy H. Jordan

    Hello Patricia: I saw you in Socorro Saturday and just went to your website. I noticed you had a list of Western writers and wanted to add another one for your consideration. Steven F. Havill, a good friend of ours, has quite a lengthy record of books that you can see at
    I did look up the callsign DL5RAU which is a Germany location. When will the book be published? Jeremy, KE5VJB

  4. Hi Pat – I’m commenting here to thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. The commenting feature on my site doesn’t make it easy for commenters to receive notice of my reply. (I’m in the process of moving over to which will hopefully resolve that problem.) So I want to let you how much I appreciate your thoughts. I do reply to every comment, but you’d have to go back to that post to see it. Sigh. My learning curve is a spiral.

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