Treasure House Books in Old Town Albuquerque

Book Cover for Petroglyphs
Harrie McKinsey Mystery Series #4

Dear Friends, Family, and (or) Fans:

As most of you know, I normally have a book signing on Easter Sunday each year at Treasure House Books & Gifts in Old Town Albuquerque.

Except—this year HAS BEEN the exception! Who knew the COVID-19 virus would destroy so many events, incomes, travel, and normal human activities? 

One of the many businesses hit hardest are small, independent bookstores. They depend on daily traffic through their stores, and periodic book signings by authors to get people into the store. So all the closures and social distancing are causing havoc for them, just as it has for almost everyone else. But I have a plan and I need your help to put it in motion.
John Hoffsis is willing to take orders for my books (all four of them–or anyone else’s books for that matter) and he’s offering FREE SHIPPING until April 30, 2020.

There are a couple ways to take advantage of this offer:

You can leave a message on his telephone (505) 242-7204. And you can email him at his email address: Either way, he can get you a book.

And there’s another way to help out. John has registered with to obtain an online sales portal. These folks specifically exist to provide book readers with an alternative to Amazon, and to help out indie bookshops. They do the fulfilling and shipping, and Treasure House Books and Gifts gets a percentage of each sale through the Treasure House portal. You can find most of your favorite titles from Treasure House, but you can also order just about any book of any subject you want from them. And as long as you order it through the Treasure House portal, John receives part of the money.
Here’s the link to the portal:
If you have any questions about this, please let me know and I’ll help you. It would mean a lot to me if my fan base (and I hope most of you are that!) can help out a very important little bookstore in Albuquerque. Treasure House Books & Gifts has been such a tremendous mentor to ALL the New Mexico authors over the past many years. We need them to survive this pandemic and come back when it’s over. If you can help me out with this, I’ll be so grateful.

Let me mention here that Treasure House Books supports so many authors I know, and I’d like to name as many of them as I can remember (plus other NM authors you can help):

Joseph Badal; Sarah Baker; Joanne Bodin; Kari Bovee; Donnell Bell; Don Bullis; Charlene Bell Dietz; Gloria Casale; Joan Golden; Janet Greger; Melody Groves; Susan Hallgarth; Sue Houser; Anne Hillerman; Lee Higbie; Darynda Jones; Robert Kidera; Robert Kresge; LPD Press; Barbara Langner; Susan McDuffie; Pari Noskin; Albert Noyer; Susan Paturzo; Paula Paul; Richard Peck; Shirley Raye Redman; Paul Rhetts; Happy Shaw; Margaret Tessler, Linda Triegel; Judith Van Gieson; and Ann Zeigler.

So if you want free shipping from Treasure House Books, make sure you place your order with John before April 30, 2020. I’d LOVE it if you ordered one or two of my books from him. The books at John’s store are already autographed (if that’s important to you!)

And don’t forget the portal for Treasure House Books located at John will get a smaller portion of the sales through that link, but they don’t include free shipping. So I really hope you help our own independent bookstores in Albuquerque–MOST ESPECIALLY Treasure House Books and Gifts!

Meanwhile, stay healthy, distanced, and taking GOOD care of yourselves! I love you guys!!

Virtual Hugs,